Who we are

Our company renders consulting services related to setting up and further support of business in Ukraine. The four company's subdivisions will satisfy any and all your needs throughout the process of entering the Ukraine's market:

Administrative Support Division deals with the rental of a registered office address necessary to establish a company, manages mailing and conference room services.

Corporate Support Division deals with the incorporation and registration of various types of business entities and any separate subdivisions thereof, helps in obtaining licenses and permits, ensures guidance during the procedure of registration of foreign investments in Ukraine, assists in the winding-up of a company or any subdivision thereof made by way of liquidation, provides comprehensive support for any transactions, mergers and acquisitions, gives advice on corporate law matters.

Accounting Division deals with the tax planning taking into account the particulars, forms and structure of business in Ukraine, advises on optimal (in terms of taxation) schemes of doing business, provides comprehensive accounting services, prepares and submits accounting reports to all governmental authorities.

Dispute Resolution Division deals with the pre-litigation dispute resolution, represents the client's interests in courts of any jurisdiction across Ukraine, facilitates the court judgements enforcement in the territory of Ukraine.

Our professionals are experts in their fields and have years of relevant experience which enables us to meet your needs efficiently and within the shortest time possible.

If you wish to get more details or order the service, please feel free to contact us using one of the following options:

at our office: 13/2b, Yaroslavov Val Street, ground floor, office 5, Kyiv city, 01034, Ukraine

e-mail: secretary@aar.com.ua
tel.: +380445905758
Skype: aar.agent